Myer Adams (UK) Ltd

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Myer Adams (UK) Ltd is a family run business, started by two brothers over 10 years ago. The strong family values coupled with a healthy obsession with making high quality beds along with their passion for innovation on sleep products, have made Myer Adams (UK) Ltd the fastest bed manufacturers in the U.K alongside with their amazing mattresses.



At Myer Adams (UK) Ltd, we have worked and researched with designers and development teams to improve the quality of our beds and mattresses range.

Now we have reached that stage for our new and exciting range to be enjoyed by all.

With great demand, we now introduce a new and improved range to our suppliers and stockists across the UK and globally.

This new and exciting range of bed & mattress manufacturing is also complemented with our flagship bed “The Revere” , which combines quality and comfort which is far superior to the rest of the Myer Adams (UK) Ltd range.

We have found in an ever changing industry it was necessary to create, design and manufacture beds & mattresses that fit all price ranges and meets the needs of the retailer.

We pride ourselves on our weekly deliveries across the UK and internationally to all our suppliers and stockists, we take even greater care when manufacturing our beds & mattresses.

Flexibility is the key word in business and we also understand that every account we hold, will have different demands and requirements in a shifting marketplace.


Myer Adams Bed Manufacturers

The company was founded in 2005, and produces distinct styles that have proved to be their success in the bed and mattress manufacturing industry, giving them acclaimed status for high quality products. The company based in West Yorkshire (UK) now employs over a 100 people across two large sites, through this the company has grown in strength and leadership with their superior range making its mark within the industry.

After months of market research and sourcing new suppliers and materials from across the UK and the globe, they can now continually expand their range of beds and mattresses whilst looking for new ways to improve their current range within the UK and global marketplace.

Every mattress and bed that Myer Adams (UK) Ltd manufactures only use the highest quality of materials, every item they make is handmade and assembled to produce the standard you would expect from the Myer Adams (UK) Ltd seal of approval of our head designers signature. As the company now develops its expansion plans for a much wider global audience with it’s fine sleep products we hope you will be able to join us on our journey.